Lessons and Fees


You are never too old to start playing Harp, so adult beginners are especially welcome! If you want to learn from Adorio the Faery, that can easily be arranged.

There are so many areas we might explore together. Here is a list of some you might enjoy. Come visit me for a lesson in my home in the East Bay in California. I love to work with both children and adults!

My fees are as follows:

$25.00 for a half hour lesson
$35.00 for a 45 min lesson
$50.00 for an hour lesson

Happy Harping!!!!!

These are possible areas of playing we might explore together

1) Improvisation

2) Playing by Ear

3) Healthy Hand Position

4) Buying a Harp

5) Harp History

6) Bedside Healing With Harp

7) Dealing with Stage-fright Positively

8) Beautiful Tone

9) Healthy Posture

10) Reading Music

11) Playing With Modes

12) Playing Songs

13) Becoming a Paid Performer

14) Storytelling with the Harp

15) Playing (practicing) Effectively

16) Left Hand Patterns

17) Traveling With Your Harp

18) Singing With Your Harp

19)Effective Ways to Memorize Music

20) Playing Harp With Others

21) Basic Care of Your Harp

22) Making Mistakes Work FOR You

23) Playing From Lead Sheets

24) Creating Your Own Melodies

25) Harp Equipment (amps, microphones, music stands, etc.)

26) Music Theory

27) Tuning

28) Beautiful Tone

29) Channeling Music (Angelic Realms, etc.)

30) Replacing Strings

31) Letting Go Of Judgement