FAQ for Healing Harp at the Bedside



I have been a Certified Harp Music Practitioner since 1997. I was certified by the Music for Transition and Healing Program a nationally recognized training center.  (mhtp.org)  I have experience playing at the bedside with my Celtic harp in hospitals, homes –for hospice patients and many others. For more information–please read on….

Q.  What is a Music Practitioner?

A.  Music Practitioners are musicians who are trained to provide soothing live music at the bedside. They are certified by one of many recognized programs in the United States.

Q.  Q. How long does a session last?

A.  An average visit is 30 minutes to an hour depending on many factors. Even five minutes for a very ill person can be a long time because their sense of time is altered and they are very sensitive. This does not change the power of the music to affect the person positively. So, Each session is unique in its length of time.

Q.  What are the benefits of having live healing harp music at the bedside?

A.  The ancients knew intuitively what medical studies are now proving, that music can lower blood pressure, facilitate deep breathing, release endorphins, release antibodies for increased immune response and therefore speed recovery. Emotionally healing music can be a purposeful diversion from pain and can also bring comfort, peace and cheer. Another benefit is the creation of Holy Space in which the Angelic Realm sometimes makes itself known. Live harp music at the bedside has many positive effects on caregivers as well, bringing moments of beauty into difficult situations. Music is vibration. We vibrate with music, and the harp has a special, gentle quality that touches the Heart and Soul.

Q.  What kind of experience as a harp bedside player do you have?

A.  I have been playing the harp in the home and at the bedside since 1997 and have played for children and adults. I have experience playing for hospice patients both in their homes and in hospitals. I have played for the very ill and also been present when it is more of a wonderful party atmosphere, celebrating the recipient. I also have experience with Alzheimer’s patients, the depressed, chronically ill and have played at many of the retirement homes in Sonoma County, CA.

Q.  Q. What kind of music do you play at a session?

A.  I have found that Alzheimer’s patients like familiar tunes and they often sing, dance or hum along. Children are partial to Disney, Wizard of Oz and lullabies. Everyone seems to enjoy Celtic ballads and soft improvisational music. The dying do well to have music without meter so they have nothing to attach to as they depart.

Q.  What do you particularly love about sharing your harp music in this way?

A.  It is an absolutely heart-opening experience to be with patients and families in times of illness or departure from this earth. I also find it very gratifying to be focused on playing so sensitively . I have found that many a care-taker and/or family member can be in need of some respite and soft moments of soothing sound. Sometimes they are as in need of healing as the person I am called to see. Everyone benefits. What could be more beautiful? It is my Joy to do this work.

Q.  Q. What do you charge for a session?

A.   My rates are very reasonable. I need to assess the situation first and generally charge for up to an hour of playing even if the session is shorter as is a bit of work transporting my harp. Generally around $100 unless there are special circumstances.  I do take into account how far the drive is.

Q.  How can I give gift of music visit to someone I care about?

A.  Call me at (707) 484-1769 or send an e-mail to sacredmuse@me.com -I  mostly serve the East Bay CA.  I do have Healing Gift of Sound gift certificates available.  Love to hear from you!