My first harp sighting was 1981.  I was camping in the desert with some friends from the Renaissance Faire  I woke up early and peered out of my tent to see a golden pedal harp coming through the roof of a VW Van at sunrise!  Later, I found this harp alone, under an awning.  With permission of its owner, I sat down behind it……….Suddenly, my hands began to move, bypassing my logical mind and a haunting improvisational melody came out of the harp and myself.    I cried.   And that was that!  Two months later, I acquired my first harp.  It was a Paraguayan folk harp. It was painted bright red, had uncut strings coming out of its top like long, raging hair, and a hole had been kicked in it’s side.  But it had the most beautiful voice!!!   I was in Heaven!  I spent some time playing my own music and creating versions of Christmas Carols–as they are easy to play by ear.  I never officially learned how to play until quite some time later. Because I did not start out playing until I was an adult; I am very keen to helping adult beginners get started.

My first formal teacher was Sylvia Woods via her video entitled, Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp.

I still highly recommend the DVD.

However, I ended up with a hand position that looked like a CLAW and had to eventually go to a local harp teacher for correcting. After 12 lessons Sylvia’s  method — I was ready to start playing at senior centers.  They proved to be a kind first audience.  I went on to play at a friend’s wedding.  It was there that I first encountered a real case of stage fright and had to make a decision to keep going no matter what!  I did go on to play at local events and gained a wealth of experience.

In 1997, I graduated from the Music for Healing and Transition Program, a two year nationally recognized course for becoming a harp healing practitioner. I spent many hours playing music at the bedside for people who were chronically ill or dying. I worked with several different hospice’s in Sonoma County, Ca.

As of 2017, I play and teach from my beloved  Dusty Strings 36 stringed folk harp. I love Dusty Strings harps! They are extremely well made.  My harp has brought to me a variety of experiences with Angels, Faeries, Mermaids and all sorts of enchantment!

Currently my great joy is in teaching the Celtic Harp (all ages) so others can also have hours and hours of fun and enchantment at their fingertips!  I am also available to play music for your celebrations including Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or…..