Hello Harp Lovers!

     In my travels, I often hear people say, “Oh, I just LOVE the harp and I  have always wanted to play it!  Is it hard?  And my answer to that is  “NO!  It is not hard to play.  In fact, you can play simple, soulful, improvisational music or songs quite easily–for the harp lends itself to simplicity.”  A simple beautiful melody like  “Lavender’s Blue” played on the harp and from your heart, will delight and charm you, me, the trees and the bees–but if you were to play it on the piano, someone might say, “Oh, just your first lesson?”

     I want you to know that it is my heart felt desire to get those of you who want to play harp (not practice—just play) get right in there and start playing immediately!!!  After some very basic instruction as to hand position, creating quality tone, and the easy technique for plucking strings: we can tune the harp in pentatonic scales so that every note sounds good with every other note.  This kind of music is AWESOME!  You can focus on playing from your feelings, explore new rhythms….tell stories, find delightful melodies, and not have to worry about “wrong notes.”  This is so freeing to the Soul!!!!  Step by step you can learn songs that you will be able to play for as long as you play the harp.  I still play a version of Greensleeves that I learned early on. I also try to make learning music theory as easy and fun as possible. You are never too old to get started either—I made the most progress in my own harp abilities after the age of 40!  So all ages are welcome.  I love to work with children and adults who love Angels, Faeries and Mermaids (or perhaps you are a bit enchanted yourself?) Also feel free to check out my blog for interesting harp information.  I am located in the East Bay in CA. not far from BART. So give me a call and let’s get started!

I am also available for your CELEBRATIONS–Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or perhaps a Tea, Luncheon or Special Dinner Event. Enchant your guests with Ancient Aires from the British Isles, Courtly Renaissance Music, Beloved Timeless Classics and Musicals and Improvisational Melodies.